American Library Association Scrubbing Policies with Release of “Shut Up!”

SHUT UP! The Bizarre War that One Public Library Waged Against the First Amendment has caused the American Library Association to quietly dissolve and disown its longstanding policies that promoted child pornography access in public libraries in Illinois and across the country. These damaging and destructive policies had been in effect at the ALA’s Office for Intellectual Freedom since the 1990s, when a deranged and demented soul named Judith Krug was the OIF’s Director. Krug is best known for stating that she wished public libraries in Boston had not cooperated with authorities in their investigation into Muslim use of library computers to plot the 9/11 Islamic terror attacks and she also stated repeatedly that librarians should not look out for children in their libraries (and should instead look the other way when any crimes were occurring in those public buildings, in the name of “patron privacy”). Almost entirely because of Krug’s sick and twisted world view, in just a generation public libraries were transformed from safe places for families into the sketchy Masturbation Lounges and Cybercrime Dens they became in recent years.

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